6th, February, 2012

..The Modern-Day Edition!

Ever since my yellow beret arrived, I have had an insatiable urge to dress like Madeline! Unfortunately, the weather has had other ideas, and has been ever-so miserable; boo! Finally, today it was warm enough to wear bare arms again – and of course I obliged! I wore a navy pan collared dress courtesy of Luphia, paired with ASOS tights, and vintage shoes. The bag – as I’m sure you know, is Golden Ponies! It’s the only bag  I own that is big enough to carry my film cameras, so naturally it has become somewhat of an essential.

To add to the Parisian feel (a beret will do that to you!) – we journeyed through the tree lined river pathways. A terrific breeze has been rolling through Christchurch recently. It’s refreshing, but is complete havoc when pairing long hair with bold lipstick! Thankfully, my Madeline inspired look had already inspired me to bobby pin my locks into a faux bob. I was able to escape the wind with a lipstick free face; which I always consider a plus!

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  1. Okay, so this outfit is now officially my favourite that you have put together! I love Madeline! Aw you look so cute with a bob too!

    xx Carina

  2. Hi Jo,
    thanks for visiting my blog!
    We have the same passion: VINTAGE! I love love vintage fashion and I have a extra closet for all my vintage stuff and accessories ^_^
    I enjoyed your blog so much and it`s so good to see what all the women all over the world are doing! I will follow you my dear and will take a link on my blog, because I would like to see more of your passion!
    best wishes, Yuna ^_*

  3. Love love love this look as I love Madeline. :) Not just because we share our first name! :)

    The faux bob is a great idea, I’m looking for new ways to do my hair and I might give this one a try!

  4. you look adorable in that french beret!

    i once bought a pair of shoes from golden ponies too – so unbelievably comfortable! too bad they don’t have bags for sale now, or i’d like to get one too…

  5. This took me straight back to my childhood! I have my mum’s original copies of the Madeline books and adored them when I was little. What a great re-interpretaion of the ‘Madeline’ style.

  6. Your little cute hat is beyond gorgeous!! I love it and the dress is so so nice D:X This is one of my favorite looks of you :X

  7. Already liked this on facebook, but just needed to reiterate that this is my favorite! I am loving the Madeline look and am super inspired to try this bob! I think your hair is the most similar to mine out of any other blogs I read, so I am always excited to see new ‘dos I can try from you!

    Also, I thought of you and your blog while I was vacationing in Hawaii because I came across some adorable ducks and took a picture of them in my latest post :)

    Have a happy monday!
    xo Hannah

  8. Your outfit is, again, perfect. I love the yellow beret with the blue/white dress+tights. Such a lovely combination. I’d love to get my hands on a bag like yours!!

  9. Those parks are beautiful! By the time I get out of work and ready to go to the park it’s getting dark…

  10. your outfit is just darling! there is a line in all Madeline books that says ” to the tiger in the zoo, Madeline just said ‘pooh pooh’ ” I say it alllll the time!

  11. Oh my Jo, you look amazing. I think this has to be one of my favourite outfits you’ve worn.
    I habe to admit I haven’t read Madeline, feels like I’m missing out!

  12. I used to love Madeline! You look so lovely, such a sweet dress and I love your bag!


  13. Such a lovely dress :) Can never go wrong with a peter pan collar!


  14. I loved that film when I was younger and we have it on DVD somewhere, I will definitely have to try a faux bob too, super cute!

    Maria xxx


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