16th, March, 2013

Happy St Patrick’s day! I’ve always loved this day – mostly because of my massive love for the colour green! Plus, I really wanted an excuse to show off the vintage shamrock print blouse that I thrifted a few months back. As a little ode to St Paddy, I’ve selected a bunch of my favourite emerald coloured goodies. Just take a glance below!

Oh, and just so you have an exciting fact to share on St Patrick’s – how about this?! The Guinness world record for most leafs found on a clover is twenty-one!! Just imagine how much luck that would bring, eh!

1. Last Slow Dance Dress in Green 2. Upwardly Mobile Satchel in Neon Green 3. Umbrella Statement Flat in Green 4. Putting Green Queen Dress 5. Blue La La Necklace 6. Blue S-teal Dress

Eep! And how sweet is this leprechaun brooch?! The perfect thing for St Patrick’s day – or just anytime that you want that little extra bit of luck!

And finally – I fell completely in love with this photo by Tim Walker, circa Vogue 2009.

18 Comments on “Lucky Charm”

  1. love love love this post! As green is my favourite colour 😀 secondly I love that four leaf clover top, need one in my life! haha and that broach is so adorable 😀 xx

    • I love Cambridge satchels too – but strangely I don’t actually own one! Definitely need to remedy this soon, eh! ; ) x

  2. Cute outfit! Great shirt. I love all the green goodness too, especially that teal dress with the collar!
    I am a fairly new reader, and I’ve been loving your blog. Nice to see Wellington get a special mention the other day… I miss my favourite city :)

    • Yay – another Wellington fan! Isn’t it the greatest?! : ) Definitely hoping to visit a whole lot more this year! Ooh, and thank you of course! The collared dress is my favourite too! x

  3. Aaaaah love all the green in this post!! The satchel is similar to the neon green cambridge satchel that my friend has (makes me jealous to see her cambridge satchel!) hehe

    Farah ♥

  4. You look so adorable and festive! I’m in love with your shamrock print blouse and those perfect shorts. I wish I had a shamrock print blouse to wear for St. Patrick’s day!

  5. You know I was just saying yesterday (at a St. Patty’s Day party) that I would be more inclined to dress for the occasion (in green) if the clothes for the holiday weren’t always so corny, like green t-shirts with slogans about how drunk you’d like to be or goofy glasses. Your shamrock blouse is adorable though.

    And great minds think alike. My last post was also inspired by cute green Modcloth pieces, including the skirt you posted.


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