1st, June, 2015


It’s funny how blog trends come and go. A couple of years ago it was all about the balancing on one leg pose, followed closely the next year by the walking shot (here’s one of my attempts). Nowadays, you can’t really top a brightly coloured door. And as a colour enthusiast, I’ve gotta admit, it’s a trend I’m pretty keen on. After all, it’s a pretty great feeling when you spot a vibrant door right in the middle of the CBD. This emerald green entrance had me at hello, and it look especially beautiful on this gloomy, wet Sunday.

After being an avid follower of the uber talented Tara Starlet for quite some time now, I was absolutely elated to style up her Loveheart dungarees, aptly named due to the giant heart pocket right in the middle of the chest – and oh gosh, isn’t it just the cutest! Plus, it kept me ridiculously warm in the gloomy weather (don’t worry, I had a leather jacket on between shots). I was told I resembled a BBC children’s presenter, but this is something I am totally okay with! I am a preschool teacher anyway, so it seems fairly fitting! ; )

Loveheart Dungarees Tara Starlet / ABC FlatsCharlotte Olympia / Bag – Mimco



7 Comments on “Lovestruck”

  1. Anaïs L

    Omigosh that’s a gorgeous jumpsuit! The colour really suits you :)
    And you’re right about the posing, now that I think about it, coloured doors have been popping up in my feed lately!

  2. You look amazing! I’ve long-admired these overalls from Tara Starlet, and you look fantastic in them. I actually didn’t realize you were a preschool teacher! <3

    xox Sammi

    • Sure am! I don’t really talk about it much (I really should!) but it is a pretty fun job! x

  3. It is funny how fast blogger trends go in and out. I have noticed that in the few years I’ve been blogging. I’ve always been one for color (trend or not) but I do love a good colorful door or wall. I love your outfit! I’ve never heard of this maker and am thrilled to see how gorgeous their other clothes are. Sooo many cute things. I’m in love. Thanks for sharing!


    • So happy to have introduced you to Tara – she is definitely one to watch! I love the heart coat so much too (hearts forever!) but it is sadly sold out in my size. Boo! x


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