16th, February, 2013

What a perfect send-off to Valentines week! Almost as if it was meant to be – actually, I’m fairly sure it must have been – this beautiful package arrived on my doorstep. I wasn’t terribly sure what it could be, but when I saw the box monogrammed with the famous ‘SE’ I remembered immediately and became uncontrollably excited! At the beginning of the year I was contacted by luxury London jeweller Stephen Einhorn, and ask to pick out – and customise – anything in the store. Now, I’ll be honest, I barely wear any jewellery – besides my special silver ring – commonly referred to as ‘the knuckleduster’. So yep, I’m a little picky – and just plain weird – about jewellery. One look through Stephen Einhorn and I was completely converted. Especially when I discovered the ‘love’ ring, featuring a black diamond (!) which I eventually chose for myself.

Now, if you think the ring is pretty (which I know you do!) how about we take a look at the incredible packaging! I’ve never had so much fun unwrapping anything, well, ever!  If you’ve ever had your heart broken, now’s time to get your revenge! Inside the red velvet lined box, is a standalone purple heart. Now comes the fun part! With the most satisfying crash – you’re now officially a heart breaker. And the best bit? Wrapped in a protective layer of monogrammed paper waits your precious piece of jewellery. Mine didn’t stay there for long though. It was straight onto my finger, and it hasn’t left since!

21 Comments on ““Love””

  1. What a lovely ‘love’ ring, the little black diamond is such a nice touch. The packaging looks amazing too, I’ve never seen anything quite like it! xo

  2. That ring is lovely and the packaging is BEAUTIFUL! I I think I’ll have to buy a ring now just to break open that awesome packaging! :)


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