7th, January, 2012


Take a Tour of Brunei!

I’ve had the hardest time keeping this a secret, so I am delighted to announce that Lost in the Haze has made the first-ever Modcloth Travel Bug video! I love showing off my pretty little home, and even more so through video! I wore a the beautiful For the Right Moment Dress (by 8000 nerves – my favourite!) with Silver and Brogue flats. Take a peek at the video to see some of my favourite places in Brunei; the Kampong Ayer water village next to the royal palace, visiting the incredible mosques, and of course – the jungle!

60 Comments on “Lost in the Haze: Modcloth Travel Bug!”

  1. What a beautiful video! Now I want to visit Brunei (I always thought you were from Australia or something, ha!).

  2. Wow! What a beautiful and exotic place! Showing the place you’re from must be so nice, I would be so proud to show my country, too!

  3. I’m so impressed with the video Jo, it’s so beautiful and really shows off the wonderful sights of Brunei! Of course it helps that you’re modelling a gorgeous outfit too!

    Emma x

  4. Lovely, lovely video. I love the song also. (Who’s it by)? Also, I love your brogues. LOVE! They’re so adorable.

  5. Wow, that’s so cool! Congratulations! The video is amazing. I really love your outfit, too. The shoes are awesome! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  6. What a gorgeous video and your hair looks amazing. Of course I wouldn’t mind that dress either! What a lovely city you live in with all that wildlife so near x

  7. The video is so dreamy! It just makes me want to travel and sing and wear lipstick and trounce around in a field…ahh, just perfect. xoxo

  8. So exciting!!! Hoorah for you :) You’ve done a fabulous job…and I love those brogues.

    <3 Cambria

  9. Thanks for the comment dear :)

    This is so awesome! Great video and adorable look; love, LOVE the dress!


  10. Lovely video! Have seen documentries on Brunei but this is the prettiest way of showcasing I have seen so far. Love your dress too!


  11. I wanted to visit before, but seeing the beauty and your carefree frolics solidifies that I hope to some day visit Brunei! I love the bit where your shoes are shining from the fountain lights :)

    You are so beautiful, Jo!!!

  12. Your video is absolutely captivating; love the shots that you’ve used in the video; you’ve really enabled the viewers to look at Brunei in a different light!

    PS/ Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  13. the video is gorgeous!! all these places looks simply magical & the song in the background fits perfectly!!
    i really like the outfit in the photo, especially the shoes ^^ they look amazing!!

  14. Oh my goodness, what an AMAZiNG video. Did you do all the video editing too or give ModCloth the footage? This is such a dream, your home looks seriously beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing!
    xo Hannah


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