15th, August, 2012

Film is my Favourite! 

Here are my most recent lomography photos! I literally just collected this roll of film! I had completely forgotten taking just about every single photograph which made for some super exciting results. The best possible kind, don’t you think! This set of  lomography shots include peering through a wire fence to say hello to a bunch of cows, a very dimly lit (whoops!) shot of the lovely Kelsey Genna and I wearing wonderful dresses at the botanical gardens. One of the shots was of a mansion I liked – right before it got pulled down . But my favourite shot of all was the last! Barnaby took it from the balcony of our hotel in Wellington. He got such an amazing reflection! Oh, and of course, if you’d like to know more about taking lomography photos (it sure is fun!) you can peek at our Holga guide.

16 Comments on “Lomography”

  1. great photos! i’ve tried to take 120mm photos several times before and i’ve always had the back of my holga fall off and ruin my plans! but this time i taped it firmly down and took it to melbourne with me, so i’m excited to share my photos once i get them developed. :)

  2. These photos are so much fun, I need to get back into film, I’m just so used to the (nearly) unlimited space and ease of my DSLR xo

  3. I love these, you took some great shots! The instantaneous nature of digital really takes away the fun of surprise of getting a film back doesn’t it?

    The one of the river is my fave, it came out perfectly.

  4. These are so great! I love developing film you forgot about; it’s just like finding money in a coat pocket from last winter!


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