19th, February, 2015


I have a love affair with ducks that goes way back. It all started when, aged 7, I was allowed to choose my first pet of my very own. Three guesses what I picked ; ) After one duck, the obsession truly began, and I distinctly remember visiting the market three weeks in a row, and returning home with another duck every time (ah, the good ol’ South-east Asian upbringing, eh!) We would cart them home in a little cardboard box – which made for some funny moments, especially when we went to pick up McDonalds soft serves, and the box wouldn’t stop cheeping. We certainly got some questionable looks, let me tell you!

The obsession is still well and truly strong, and my real-life Facebook friends would’ve seen a picture I put up recently where a wild duck ate chickpeas out of my hand in the park! Aside from that one-off incident, nowadays I tend to get my feather-fix through wearing ducks on my clothing. This duck-print dress by PB&J Boutique couldn’t have come at a better time – especially as the seasons are changing, so I also got to whip out my Juju x Kigu duck rainboots. Next on my list – the matching yellow poncho. It’s only a couple of months until my birthday, so I guess it’s time to start dropping hints! ; )

DressPB&J Boutique / Rainboots – Kigu x Juju (via ASOS) / Cardigan – Thrifted / Bag – Nikita & Vespa


7 Comments on “Like a Duck in Water”

  1. one of the most darling pairs of boots i’ve seen. i am jealous you own(ed) ducks. cute purse too!
    xx Sarah
    Russian Dressing

    “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy

    • Oh thank you! & oh my gosh, I miss my ducks so much! Id love to have more – one day, eh!! : ) x

  2. oh my god, you’ve had pet ducks! that’d be amazing, haha. and don’t you look cute in your yellow outfit and wellies:-) i love yellow and pink paired together! xx


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