10th, April, 2011

What I wore…

I’m always so excited to start a new season, but when it happens I always feel so unprepared! This year I’ve been trying to be more proactive, as you can see from my newly purchased coat below! I’ve been looking for a really warm coat for ages to help see me through Winter (and Autumn!) and this Cooper & Stollbrand for ASOS coat certainly does the trick! I have also found some excellent boots for the Wintery seasons. I found them while out thrifting with my Nana at the weekend. They look a bit like desert boots, but have a thick layer of gauze-like material round the ankle, ensuring that my feet are kept nice and toasty! I’m also wearing an ASOS spotted playsuit, with a divine cut out back. It might be a bit too chilly for such leg-baring outfits, but I’m trying to make the most of the fading sun!

In other news, I’m all moved in! Hooray! It is so nice having my own place to live again. Now I just need to unpack – then I can show you some photographs of my latest haven!

17 Comments on “Leaves Falling, Coats Calling”

  1. That jacket is amazing. I love the color and the cut. Your cutout dress is also super cute. Congrats on moving in to your new place. I hope your able to settle in and make it cozy right away.

  2. You are just so cute! And brave for wearing that backless dress. I often wish my mamma jammas were smaller so I could do stuff like that. :)

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving my first ever comment :) Hopefully I can improve quickly to get it looking as pretty as this.

    I love this outfit (I’m totally obsessed with neutrals and coral lips at the moment)
    looking forward to seeing the photos of your new place.

  4. I love C&S, and the way you’ve styled this jacket is beautiful. What do you take your photographs with? They are simply gorgeous! x

  5. hey jo, thanks so much for coming to visit my blog, i’m so glad you liked it and are my new follower, i really appreciate it!! your blog is absolutely lovely as well.. and i love your polka dots!

    january, x


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