12th, March, 2013

I love that initial sprinkle of Autumn. You know, when a whole bunch of leaves suddenly turn orangey red, while the last of the summer flowers remain. It’s like some kind of eerie crossover. Oh, and I just love it! To blend in with what’s left, I wore the prettiest flower print dress by illustrator goddess Caitlin Shearer. We had an unexpected gust of warm air, so I wrapped my hair up into a good ol’ pair of Heidi braids. Oh, and I polished the look of with an adorable miniature china teacup bracelet by Megan Jane Jewellery.

P.s. While you’re reading this, I’ll be jet-setting off to the capital city, Wellington. It’s just a day trip, mind you – but I am so so so excited! What I’m not quite so thrilled about is the 5am start to the day tomorrow (eek!) Terribly worth it though, for a day in my favourite city. See you soon, Wellington!

20 Comments on “Last of the Summer Flowers”

  1. i still find it so strange when you talk about it being autumn and it’s spring here, funny lil’ climate differences! and that dress and bracelet are both so pretty! :-) x

  2. Aaaaaah i am so head over heels for your HAIR!! you look like a princess with it. Wish my hair is long enough to do something alike. Hehe.


    • They honestly are! They took a couple of weeks to wear in – but are my go-to comfy shoes : ) I’ve been wearing them (almost) non-stop for well over a year now so they’re sadly starting to wear out. Boo! x


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