9th, October, 2012

Hello, Operator?! 

Now, does my frock look at all familiar? Today I wore the Lost in the Haze dress – one of my favourites, and even more so knowing that it’s my Modcloth Blogger of the Moment namesake dress! The spring weather has taken a turn for the warmer side, so the cut-out back has been somewhat of a lifesaver.

But much, much more importantly; I’d quite like to introduce you to one of my favourite new goodies. The second I saw this telephone, it was true love. I umm-ed and ahh-ed over colours (blue or pink were both rather tempting) but eventually I decided on sunshine yellow! Yellow has been my favourite colour for years. I feel endlessly happy when wearing it, so naturally I try to incorporate in as many outfits as possible! It’s actually quite funny; yellow is Barnaby’s favourite too, so we often find ourselves wearing matching outfits – him with his trademark yellow jacket, and me wearing mustard tights or my favourite cardigan. This is one time though, that we won’t double up – this telephone is mine, all mine! What girl wouldn’t want a vintage inspired telephone – and in the colour of their choice too?! Not only that, but it plays music perfectly too. During this set of photographs, I was actually listening to tunes through the earpiece. It plugs directly into your iPhone, so I made sure to have a tiny dance-fest, bopping away to the songs of my choice. Perfect!

20 Comments on “Kiss Me Through the Phone”

  1. This is amazing!! Love your telephone and how it matches your pink dress!!!
    Your photos are amazing!! :)

  2. These are defitely my favourites pictures of the day, your blog is really charming <3

    See you cutie!

  3. Oh man these pictures are gorgeous! I absolutely love the contrasting colors of the yellow phone and your pretty pink dress. Such a great combination. Your red lipstick looks so perfect too!

    Your blog is spectacular! Such wonderful photography.

  4. This dress is beautiful, I want a namesake dress now! I love the yellow telephone too, guaranteed to put a smile on your face :)

    Maria xxx

  5. I love the pictures, they are so original and full of color! Those telephones for iPhone are the next best thing! I had seen them in pink and blue only! I agree yellow is such an energetic and positive color!


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