28th, October, 2011

Temburong National Park

What an adventure of a day! We ventured deep into the Brunei jungle; to the national park, Temburong. To reach Temburong, you must travel by coffin boat. The name is certainly enough to make you wary, but it is actually due to the coffin-like shape of the boat (much to my relief!) On our journey we were lucky enough to see three crocodiles lounging on the bank (Barnaby’s first ever, in fact!) After the coffin boat, we transferred to a long boat; a classic Borneo design, but with an added motor! This was my absolute favorite part of the day! It was a forty-five minute journey, with jungle lining either side of the Brunei River. After a quick snack at the Eco village (fried banana; my favorite!) we headed to the famous canopy walk. The views were breathtaking, though it was a terrifying climb of 138 feet up an aluminium frame! Eek! We then ventured to a nearby waterfall, where if you stood still enough, tiny fish would nibble at your feet!

We boated back to the village for a lunch of rice, bamboo, and ferns (!!) I was feeling sleepy from the afternoon heat, so was able to take a quick nap on the riverside hammocks before heading back to main Brunei.

I haven’t visited Temburong since my school camp, eleven years ago, and it was truly wonderful to revisit. Since its likely to be my last trip to Brunei for a while, I’m trying to explore it more than ever before. Temburong was the perfect way to start; I have rekindled my love of the jungle!

13 Comments on “Jungle Girl!”

  1. Looks amazing. You’re luck to be near such a beautiful spot.

  2. Oh wow. It really looks so spectacular there. I know nothing about Brunei at all, so I am absolutely loving everything you’ve shared with us about it, and all the fantastic pictures!

    I’d love to see some photos of the amazing food you’ve been describing too, if you get the chance to take some while you are there?

  3. these pictures are amazing!! i love the scenery!
    dont you just love rekindling your love for all things nature?

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! This makes me nostalgic for vacation and family time out camping or something. All of the green is amazing to look at :)

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  5. So breath-taking! What an adventure!! You’re making me want to visit someday! A quick nap near the water sounds divine… <3


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