13th, June, 2016


A fair few weeks ago now, one of my favourite hair product companies emailed me asking if I wanted to get my hair done courtesy of them. Umm, I suppose now is the time to confess I have literally had two haircuts in the last 4 years. I don’t even have an excuse or anything! Shame! Anyway, I sent back a big old YES (in full capitals, obviously) and finally, yesterday headed into The Mint Hair Company to join the ombre club.

It went off to a great start when I was offered two miniature cookies (um, yes please!) and I truly haven’t had such a good blonde colour done in years (most likely to do with Joico‘s LumiShine technology). It was a fantastic experience and I am seriously stoked with the colour!

I couldn’t resist going with ombre – and when it comes to the allure of being able to pass off my lazy regrowth as trendy – why should I?! Though I am slooowly coming around to the idea of becoming a fill blonde. Maybe during my next salon trip, perhaps..


As usual, all opinions were my own, but the salon trio was courtesy of Joico. Thanks!

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