13th, November, 2011

Wearing my Favourite Brand, Of Course!

Sadly, we have left Brunei. I’m not the best at goodbyes, so sneaky Barnaby made sure that we made a detour to Kuala Lumpur to distract me! He has a real knack for finding amazing hotels that are as cheap as chips – and today we ended up staying directly opposite the famous Petronas Towers! (Most of my time has been spent gazing out the window; what a view!) I’ve been  to KL several times, so have marveled at the towers before, though never during the evening – what a sight!

I am usually a bit of a frumpy traveller; and will wear something plain, like shorts and a top, but for today’s three hour flight I decided to do it in style – by wearing Nadinoo of course! Next stop: New Zealand!

25 Comments on “In Transit”

  1. Ohmy if I was in KL, I’ll be sure to bring you around, the shopping is pretty amazing. I love how your sailor dress has a bare back, so unique! xx

  2. Wow, that view is amazing! Love your dress, it’s almost too stylish to travel in :)

    I love your blog, so I’m following it through bloglovin’ now.

    xoxo, Femke On the Button

  3. What a cool dress, I really love the sailor collar and the open back of it! Great pics from KL, someday I’ll get there!

  4. What gorgeous gal you are! Your blog is so cute!! I just love it. I’m so happy you stopped by mine!! Thanks! It’s clearly still in the works of really getting up and running. I’ll definitely be following! Excited to see whats to come :)


  5. i love your playsuit! that’s sad that your trip is coming to an end but at least you got to extend it with this little stopover on the way home.


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