22nd, April, 2012

You know what to do! 

I think I developed somewhat of a ‘fruit in fashion’ obsession after discovering Carmen Miranda during my teenage years. Though I’m not quite bold enough to delve into life-size fruit hats – it does make me particularly happy when I look down and see fresh produce print on my dress! It especially helps as like most other fashion bloggers – I fell completely in love when Vivetta released it’s SS12 citrus collar dresses. I’m hoping this lemon printed wonder is able to tide me over until I can afford the real Vivi creation!

20 Comments on “If Life Gives You Lemons…”

  1. Oh, the print and the pleating in the bodice is so cute, what a lovely dress!
    I love fruit patterns too, they’re perfect for summer. I have more strawberry and cherry printed clothes than I should admit :)

  2. So cute! Would love some fruit patterned dresses too! Melons would look so beautiful… Strong pink wih black pips, some green peel… I can so see it with my mind’s eye!

  3. I am pining to fine a fruit frock of my own! My heart is set on pineapples, but I love your lemon look :) and the red lips and bowler hat!!

    Have a wonderful week, gorgeous!


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