21st, September, 2015


A banana print dress?! I’m a sucker for a good print. And a good pun for that manner. And you know this post title needed a pun involved somehow.

This banana printed number is from the latest Pepa Loves collection. Year after year they create clothing to fall in love with. In fact, I’m rather sure that I have more Pepa Loves in my closet than anything else!

Whilst I really wanted to shoot this outfit in the gardens (Spring is totally here, y’all) the weather had other ideas – and I’m sure you can see one or two goosebumps popping up to say hello as a result. We opted to shoot way closer to home and I certainly am glad I did; especially as the simple backdrop allows the dress to speak for itself. Plus it was the perfect hue for this dress that I’m simply bananas about! ; )

Banana Dress & Cat Bag – Pepa Loves / Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm / Socks – Tabbisocks



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