10th, September, 2012

Making your Instagram Shots Stand Out! 

Oh Instagram, I can’t lie – you are just plain wonderful! When I first started, I barely even knew how to take Instagram photos, so I never once thought I’d become quite so hooked! As I’m so addicted (!!) I decided to treat myself to something special; this Holga iPhone case. The case has ten different filters, all of which are completely different. My favourites are the heart, the macro and the triple kaleidoscope. The best thing is, it is so similar to Holga shots, as the photos have a slight vignetting around the edges. The wheel shape is quite spectacular too; it has me constantly reminiscing of one of my favourite childhood toys – the viewfinder! I honestly couldn’t recommend the iPhone case more – it is so much fun!

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7 Comments on “How to Take Instagram Photos”

  1. That iPhone photography filter is the coolest thing ever! I’ve seen it all over the internet and I think it’s so cool. Loving your pictures! There’s a new post up on my blog and I’d love to hear what you think of it, so feel free to stop by!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  2. katherine

    ah! i’m jealous of your holga filter! not having an iphone can be frustrated in this case – i always steal my husbands for instagram when possible. this is so cute and very different from the normal instagram post

    <3 katherineof corgis and cocktails


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