22nd, November, 2012

A Video!

Welcome to the very first of a recent feature! May I present to you, a little segment about how to style sheer clothing. It’s my first time talking on camera, and our first video in a long, long time, so I do hope you enjoy! Sheer clothing is one of my favourite trends, which I’m loving even more as we move into summer here in New Zealand. In our video, I share a few sheer looks that I adore (and that you can purchase if you’d like!) as well as three sheer outfits styled from my closet. Have fun watching, & be sure to enjoy my extra kiwi accent!

9 Comments on “How to Style Sheer Clothing”

  1. Love the ASOS dress too! Sexy and elegant at the same time. Your voice surprised me, in a good way! ^_^

  2. Aww, your voice is lovely!
    One of my secret desires is to have several sheer things, and layer them on each other. It negates the ‘but it’s SO hot outside, why would I wear two layers of anything?!’ conundrum, and it would still be decent!


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