14th, February, 2014

Hair Styles for growing out a fringe

The ‘Bettie Page’ 

Has anyone ever told you just how frustrating it is to have to grow out a fringe? Sure, I’ve done it many times before, but all I ever remember is “yay, fringe” or “yay, no fringe!” Somehow I had just plum forgotten about that annoying inbetween-y length when you’re forever brushing your hair out of your eyes. So if you hadn’t worked it out yet, I’m growin’ mine out. And I’m frustrated. Like 90% of the internet, when I feel frustrated I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. And I got it. And I made a board dedicated to it – as well as other beautiful hair. May I present my findings; these are three of my favourite hair styles for growing out a fringe!

Hair styles for growing out a fringe

The “Flower Child” 


The ’60s Mod’ 

8 Comments on “Hair Styles for Growing Out a Fringe”

  1. Baby I feel your pain! I’ve had a blunt fringe for the last 10 years and have recently decided to grow her out… In between hairs are the very worst. You look beautiful with all these ‘dos!

    • Oh man, I can’t even imagine you without a fringe, Katie! But the blonde haired inspiration pic you posted on Insta looked amazing – well worth the frustration I reckon! xxx


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