21st, September, 2011


Here in New Zealand, spring has just begun! I am very much a spring person. I really dislike being cold, so it is always such a relief when the sun starts shining again! Spring leaves me feeling inspired and with a want to wear flowers in my hair; so I did! I braided my hair into a Heidi style and used bobby pins to secure flowers into it. I wear shorts all year round (this outfit included!) and it is a wonderful feeling when my legs are truly warm because the sun is out again! To finish off the outfit I wore my wooden frog brooch. Spring always gets me thinking about animals, so I wanted to bring that into the outfit, thanks frog!


As mentioned, I’m a notorious year-round shorts wearer! For an Autumn look I stuck to shades of dark green. Autumn usually leaves me with ridiculously cold ears, so I chose to leave my hair down and wear a bowler. In the colder seasons I’m sometimes left longing for colour, so I finished off the look with the brightest red lipstick I could fine!

46 Comments on “How-To: A Blouse for Spring & Fall”

  1. indeed this blouse looks beautiful in the fall and spring!
    lovely post!
    much love xx
    p.s. i’ve been wearing my hair in milk-maid braids the past couple of day with little flowers too! it sure does look beautiful on you! <3

  2. Oh Spring… I am very much a Spring person too..I just love that warm feeling and all the flowers 😀 That top is indeed beautiful , I love the ruffles, it gives such a romantic feeling..

  3. Lady, I feel the same way about shorts….and sandals….or rather wearing no shoes when ever I can. This blouse is devine, that collar would make you feel all fancy too. I love it

  4. what a cute post! i’m loving this blog for sure. the spring vs. autumn styling is spot on – i too am a year round shorts wearer! however on the east coast of the US autumn is fast approaching, so i would rock this look with some colorful tights to keep my legs extra warm.

  5. That blouse is darling indeed! I love you’ve paired it for a pring look and for an autumn look. Wish spring has just started here, but sadly enough we first have to go through the winter

  6. i don’t think people appreciate how warm your hair can keep you! i always, always have my hair down in the colder months, even if the wind always wants to tease it away from my ears xxx ps, i love your frog brooch so, so much

  7. I can’t get over how beautiful you are and how flattered I am that you commented on my blog. I’m now a subscriber :) and I’m looking forward to many more gorgeous posts to come.

    p.s. your hair is STUNNING and that little froggy adds the sweetest touch to your outfit.

  8. It’s a beautiful blouse, and I love the two different looks. So often in the blogging world it can be all about new new new clothes all the time, or new old clothes if you’re buying vintage(!) but I love seeing how bloggers style the same item in different ways like this.

  9. I love this post. You look amazing in both. It’s great how you’ve catered for my part of the world too as we’re just falling into autumn. I love the way you do your hair. The flowers in your hair remind me of what I did for my blog header.
    I looked far and wide for the big wild daisies whilst out walking and managed to find enough to fit around my head in a chain. It felt so nice wearing it-just a shame it had to die within a few hours!
    I must say I think you look amazing with red lipstick and a bowler hat too. I absolutely NEED a bowler hat asap. I think they are so cool.
    Much love x

  10. That blouse is so dreamy!

    And I have to ask what lippy you are wearing? I’ve been looking for something that bright for ages!

  11. Ohh i love this! You are so very beautiful! Like an amazing love child of liv tyler and scarlett johannsan O_O!

    I’m a tad addicted to your blog! >_< xx

  12. I love shorts, can’t stop wearing them, especially those high waisted ones, so very cute. Thanks for yr sweet comment dear, nature walks are indeed the best!

  13. I love the Spring-to-Fall look, that blouse is especially smart. I need one for myself, I’ve decided! I adore the ruffles and the color. I agree with you being cold too, by the way. I’m an all-year-round shorts kind of gal myself and will even don them in the Winter time here in rainy, chilly Sacramento!

    I really, really dig your style and you’re absolutely gorgeous. Definitely have a new follower in me! <3

    xoxo Coco
    Muffin Top Baby

  14. I love how you styled up the piece for both seasons – it’s one of the things I find hardest to manage with my wardrobe, and it’s really not practical to have two totally separate closets!

  15. beautiful outfits! i love summer and wearing my hair in the heidi braids when it’s warm. i haven’t put flowers in mine before though, but it looks so pretty, i think i’ll have to this summer! :)

  16. Love your styling! That blouse is so pretty and your hair looks amazing down and wavy and in milkmaid braids!


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