7th, April, 2014


Whenever I wear something yellow – or close to it at least (hellooo tan coloured bow-tie dress!) – the first place I want to photograph it is at this wall. It’s getting a little ridiculous, and my boyfriend, Barnaby, always makes sure to let me know. “Jo, are you sure you don’t want to go down to the waterfront to shoot this outfit?” “No, the wall is fine.” “But.. you must be getting bored of it by now?” “Uhh, it’s YELLOW!” This morning, I got up quick-smart, scooped my hair into a faux bob, painted my nails in the brightest honey shade I own, before walking down to ol’ yeller. Gosh, the amount I talk about ‘the wall’ you’d expect that I was living in Game of Thrones or something.. Well, Winter is coming, after all!

I was actually pretty dang chuffed that I got to style this bumblebee ring for one of my favourite luxury jewellery companies; Stephen Einhorn. I love how the yellow wire details on the wall resemble honeycomb – it seemed like a perfectly appropriate setting for this cute little ring I love so dearly. Incidentally, Stephen Einhorn recently released their first-ever video showing how they design, and make their own jewellery. The video shows a ring being set with stones, right after it is put in hot flames and melted down (cue more GOT references, though luckily we avoid the silver crown fiasco this time!) 

DressChicwish / Bumblebee RingStephen Einhorn / Bowler Hat – ASOS /

Brogues – Le Bunny Bleu / Tote Bag – Modcloth


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  1. It’s a great wall! Can’t have too much yellow. And your outfit is so fancy-free and sprightly, it makes me smile.

    Thanks for you sweet comment, by the way! <3

  2. I love that dress, especially the little bow! I too love brightly colored walls and places. There’s a church with a bright red door that I love to take pictures in front of sometimes. It’s a nice change sometimes from the greenery.

  3. You are gorgeous and always put together the cutest ensembles. :) Your dress, hat, and shoes are all lovely! I recently found some silver brogues of my own and am really chuffed to finally own some. <3 xoxo

  4. I love this shoot!! You look gorgeous and those shoes are amazing
    Anna x

  5. Haha! Isn’t it nice to have certain locations for you to constantly go back to? When something works, man, it works, so stick with it for a while! ; ) I personally love your yellow wall. I wish I had some neat painted walls around my place where I could snap photos!

  6. What a darling dress- I love the little bow! I do the exact same thing with a blue wall near me, I just love how the pics turn out and my husband always says I should be sick of it by now :) I need to learn this faux bob trick!!

  7. I absolutely love this! Separately it seems like some of these pieces wouldn’t work well together, but surprisingly they really do and you pull them off so well. You look gorgeous!

    xo, Britnee

  8. So gorgeous, Jo!! I love this little dress, and your hair looks darling like this! And the ring is too cute. Perfect location for this bumble bee-themed post (and mine today is bee-themed, too!).

    xox Sammi

  9. that dress is the loveliest! and i can totally understand why you like to use the wall as a background! (also, hooray for game of thrones references!) :-) xx

  10. What a marvellous dress! You’re composed a very sweet outfit here with lovely makeup. Have you ever done a makeup tutorial?

  11. What a lovely outfit and I adore how your nails match that wall color. Visit my blog and follow me if you like :) You are a doll ps.


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