30th, March, 2012

A 60s Bouffant Tutorial!

Like most girls, I have an obsession with pretty hair. I’m constantly gazing through Tumblr pages, and adding photographs of dream hair to my Pinterest. I’ll be the first to admit, I am very much a ‘wash and go’ girl, and extremely ill-resourced with the tools needed to actually create pretty hair on myself! This all changed earlier in the week, when Barney’s Mum gave (!) me her former curling iron. I literally feel like my eyes have widened. I love that feeling of looking at my hair and seeing mermaid curls; what a dream!

Today, I felt like pairing my curls with a bouffant – and thought I should document the process, so you can try it for yourself! All you will need is a curling iron, hairspray, a brush, and some bobby pins. This hair tutorial is extremely simple, so I hope you enjoy following along!

Teasing & Coming

Backcomb your hair as much as possible around the crown of your head. This will give it the wonderful ‘bump’ shape that was oh-so popular in the 1960s! Gently comb a layer of unteased hair over the top to smoothen the overall shape. I always use bobby pins to hold everything in place, and a dash of hairspray won’t go amiss either!

Curling & Brushing

Use your curling iron on the ends of your hair. Make the curls as tight as you can, as we will soon be combing them out! Give them a quick dash of hairspray, and adjust your bouffant as it may have deflated from the curling. When everything is the proper shape, begin to gently brush your curls. This will give your hair a soft vintage look. The final step is to check that everything is the correct shape, and as big as it can possibly be! Give all of your hair another spray to hold it all in place. Voila!

22 Comments on “Hey There, Bouffant Hair”

  1. Lovely tutorial! I’ve always been the same with my hair – I wish I had more time for it but I’m so last minute in the mornings that all I’ve got time for it a quick tie up of the hair and then I’m off! This definitely makes me want to take more time for my hair. Beautiful photos. X

  2. Hi Jo! Thanks for dropping by and your sweet comments :) Ahh love your style, so vintage, and loving your red lips too. I always wanted to try that hairstyle, very Bardot! Looks lovely on you. I’m loving your blog, following u via bloglovin dear


  3. Gosh hun, its only been very recently that I’ve found myself noticing/caring more about hair. I think this style is so classy and Im glad you’ve put this tutorial-esque post up ^_^ Now….to grown my hair longer than my shoulders! haha.

    Eeli xo

  4. you’re so beautiful! i have been considering getting a curling iron since i can’t manage to get the hand of GHD curls and i figure it would be a quick way to do something special with my hair which is so long it makes wonderful things like victory rolls really difficult. so this has just inspired me to start looking!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I think your hair looks fabulous all the time, this is just the cherry on top! I wish my hair was long enough to create this style. Oh well. 😀

  6. I will not cut my hair. I will not cut my hair. Because I want it to look as amazing as this one day! And just so you know, I’m in the process of pinning this to my dream hair pin board on pinterest, haha.

  7. you are so beautiful! i have been considering getting a styling metal since i cannot control to get the side of GHD waves and i determine it would be a fast way to do something unique with my tresses which is such a lengthy time it creates amazing elements like success comes really challenging. so this has just motivated me to begin looking!


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