16th, July, 2012

“Let’s Go on a Duck Feeding Adventure!” 

Goodness, today left me feeling like some sort of walking aviary! I was lucky enough to collaborate again with the wonderful Audrey Grace Boutique. The lovely Jaclyn sent me this beautiful birdie blouse by Nicole Eymard – and I knew exactly the spot to  wear it! I’m sure you’re now well familiar with my love of ducks. Walking to the river for a visit is a pretty regular occurrence, but today we had a secret advantage; a loaf of bread! It was a full on feeding frenzy, with non-stop quacking – of both the satisfied ‘full tummy’ and the “get away, that’s my bread!” variety.

It ended up being a much more active day than I expected – Barnaby and I walked sixteen kilometres! We didn’t think we’d be out quite so long, but it was a sunny (and very warm!) day, so we just kept walking. I wore a vintage beret and shoes,with a sequin covered ASOS romper. The blouse is from Audrey Grace (of course!) I was so glad that I could make the little bird feel more at home with some feathered companions!

23 Comments on “Hey Birdie”

  1. You look amazing! I love feeding ducks, definitely one of my favourite past times!

    Maria xxx

  2. This might be my favorite look of yours ever and that’s saying a lot because I’ve been following you for a long time! I love all the bright colors!

  3. Your duck photos are so so cute :) love the blue jacket the colour is amazing. You look lovely my dear :)

    Jo. x


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