4th, August, 2013


Oh hi! Instead of sinking into deep despair, as usually happens when my regrowth reaches the dreaded one inch mark, last week I decided it was time for a bit of a look update. After sporting blonde locks for well over two years, I’m now a brunette! My hair feels so much healthier and looks so darn shiny. I still don’t recognise myself in mirrors straight away, and I slightly feel as though I’m wearing a wig, but you know what… I love it! It’s so much fun getting to look like Veronica over Betty for a change..!

T-shirt – Ark ClothingVarsity JacketArk ClothingPuffin Print Skirt – Vintage Style Me


26 Comments on “Hellooo, Brunette Hair!”

  1. Jo, you look incredible with any hair color, but I’m really digging this brown and the blunt bangs!

  2. It looks fabulous brunette! it’s definitely the way forward I dyed my red hair back to brunette as it was just looking and feeling way too damaged. I’m loving it on you! you look completely different! fabulous xxxx

  3. I had a quick look through your looks as a blonde but I say def the brunette and personally think you should stick with that. I think the blonde made you very pale whils this one balance it out. It really does suit and yes it looks much healthier as well.


  4. The brunette hue looks amazing on you! I almost didn’t recognize you in my instagram feed! Love this outfit, you’re making me crave a varsity jacket!


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