6th, September, 2012

Sailing Paper Ships in the River! 

Today felt extra special. It’s quite standard practice for me to dress like a sailor (I just love it so much!) but today felt different – I just knew it in my bones! As soon as I slipped into my sailor dress and illustrated tights (both courtesy of Modcloth), the idea suddenly struck! A newspaper boat! It was one of my favourite hobbies when I was little. We had several storm drains where I grew up, and myself and friends would love to create vessels from magazines, paper, anything we could, just to make them to race! Nothing has changed at all – today we had the best time taking our paper ship for ride in the river. I’m not sure the duck was as impressed (though it was rather curious!) but luckily we did retrieve our boat afterwards. It was probably the best way to spend a morning – all my childhood memories and feelings came flooding back – it was wonderful. You should definitely try it when you have free time (and newspaper!) – plus, it doubles as a hat – though preferably before it’s river jaunt!

29 Comments on “Hello, Sailor!”

  1. HAHA I LOVE the Lydia the Tattoo Lady tights that you have on! So funny. Your dress is beautiful and I adore the little paper hat! I’ve never known how to make those. They are adorable.

  2. fantastic dress -although i have just tried to buy it and its no longer for sale :,((
    I used to love playing pooh sticks when i was littlee with my sisters (where you all drop a stick one side of a bridge and the winner is the first out the other side) and this photoshoot makes me want to play it again

  3. aw, i’d love to spend a day like this! as a child, i used to make wooden boats and have races with my brother and cousin:-) also, both the dress and tights are wonderful! xx

  4. Totally cute look! I love the idea of the newspaper boat. It goes well with your sailor outfit. The tights are so cute as well.:)

  5. katherine

    what a beautiful dress on you – and those tights too! i cannot wait until the weather gets colder and i can wear fun tights again. i love the paper hat you made – i have never been able to make them myself

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  6. You look super cute in the first picture! And I love your outfit <3 perfect with the red lips! And the tighs are awesome!

  7. I love the dress and tights combo! The sweetness of the dress goes perfectly with the more edgy tights – and I do love anything sailor themed!


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