6th, February, 2013

Who else loves Disney?! Oh gosh, I adooore it! I’ll admit, my favourites are 101 Dalmatians and the Lion King, but I can’t help but love the girly princess movies too. Back in November last year, iconic luxury London department store, Harrods, did a beautiful display based around the Disney princesses. The really exciting thing was who else jumped aboard too! Designers (including Valentino and Versace!) each designed a dress for a different princess. Just take a look at the beautiful photographs below! Which one is your favourite? I am obsessed with the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ one. Just imagine having a bed completely covered in roses.. Bliss! I’d also be quite partial to relaxing in a castle in a fancy frock, much like Miss Cinderella. How about you?


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  1. Well, being an animator and working with Disney now and then I can’t be anything but in love about this 😉 Plus, I named my blog after Briar Rose, and to me princess Aurora’s version wins it all once again 😉

  2. absolutely dreamy! I’ve been so in love with the Disney Princesses since before I can remember, so I always appreciate when designers use them as inspiration. thanks for sharing!

    x kelsey

  3. Each photo is so unique and lovely! I am always inspired by the magical nature of fairy tales and appreciate it when artists use them as muses for their work!
    As for a favourite (if I absolutely had to choose!) I would have to go with Rapunzel. That dress is absolutely stunning!
    Thank you for posting!

  4. OMG sleeping beauty is just amazing and I also love the first one…so mysterious and charming!! Every gown is spectacular.. I just love them! 😀

  5. These are amazing! I think the Cinderella is my favourite, although a little sad there’s no Jasmine


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