13th, February, 2013

A big big big big happy Valentines day to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful day, whether it’s with your loved one, loved pet, or just your general lovely self (it really doesn’t matter!) When I was in high school, my Mum would send me a rose every Valentines day – a perk of having a parent teach at the same school! It always made me feel extra special. Plus, it was always anonymous – so I could tell my friends that a boy sent it to me (thanks mum!) Today, a real life boy has been looking after me extra well – in the form of my lovely lovely lovely boyfriend, Barnaby. For us, today is all about long pointless walks together, cuddling up in front of an episode of the IT Crowd (our favourite!) and hopefully a good ol’ nacho dinner. So essentially, my perfect day! I hope your day is equally as delightful! Remember how fantastic you really are, and to just feel the loooove..! P.s. How fun is this Valentines photo shoot? The last photo is extra silly – just how I like it!

16 Comments on “Happy Valentines!”

  1. You are beautiful 😀 lovely photographs :) Hope you and Barnaby enjoy your Valentine’s Day 😀 xx

  2. jazzabelle

    so, so beautiful jo! you’re lookin’ pretty darn lovely. ahh, you’ve gotta love the it crowd <3 xxx

  3. How gorgeous you are Jo! And this was so sweet: “Remember how fantastic you really are” :’) Happy Valentines Day! <3


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