27th, September, 2017


Ugh, I love this dress SO much! I’ve mentioned countless times that I am obsessed wth ruffles – and between the pastel blue and the shoulder details – this little numbers obviously this ticks all the boxes! I’ve had it up my sleeve (clothes pun, woo!) for a couple of months now, after picking it up from my beloved Shopbop. Luckily it covers my tattoos for work, but I will say it’s mighty hot – especially in the Thai heat!

What makes me really happy about this photo is definitely how dang happy I look! We went out and I tried to be all blogger-like and cute.. then I decided it’s WAY more me to just dance down the street, waving my hat through the air. And we got it. And I feel darn cute!

Speaking of cute thing – aaand Shopbop – they are having a whopping sale (I’m talking 20-30% here!) so you know where I’ll be. I snagged a bunch of cute goodies for my holiday next month. I’m heading to a beach, and I’m pretty sure you can tell through my choices! Talk about beach themed! Anyway, scroll down the tiniest amount to see my favourites (which will be in my clammy hands in no time!) or use the coupon code, EOTS17 yourself at the checkout. Go on, take a browse! I’m sure you’re at least tempted by the flamingo swimsuit!


Coconut clutch (sold out) / Inflatable pool banana / Pineapple tumbler / Flamingo swimsuit / Madewell sandals / Palm tree wrap dress

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  1. You definitely look cute in this photo! It’s funny how (for the most part) us bloggers try so very hard to be all cute and serious, but often being silly IS being cute!

    This dress is divine, and suits you so well (I love the ruffled shirt underneath). I can see why you love it.


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