18th, February, 2013

Ready to take a peek at my ‘magpie outfit’? Just be careful not to look directly at it – without sunglasses at least.. Just kidding (I hope!) Well, I may be joking, but this actually did end up being a bit of a head turner of an outfit. You might have noticed the abundance of orange road cones in these photos – one of the norms when you’re living in good ol’ earthquake city. Now, this means that there are a LOT of builders around – and they’re known for their fondness of wolf whistles and general staring! I suppose I can’t really blame ’em in this instance – it’s a little tricky to be subtle when you’re wearing a layer of shiny gold. Even as I left the house today I was joking that I hoped I didn’t cause anybody any temporary blindness. And luckily I didn’t.. To the best of my knowledge! Anyway, how about some details, eh? The garment that started it all – the gold skirt was from Boohoo. The top, Kodak bag and heart brooch are all vintage, and the shoes are from Lotta from Stockholm. Paired with a backcombed beehive, I felt this was the perfect dash of mid-week glitz! Sparkle sparkle!

26 Comments on “Golden”

  1. Not joking, how do you always look so beautiful? It’s unfair on the rest of us! Seriously though, you look amazing, I love your skirt so much, and your shoes, and you shirt and you bag and the little collar pins, and you hair and omg just everything!

    Pip x

  2. Gold is generally a turn off for me, but this works really well. I think because it’s a small and feminine dose, it hits the right note for me. I love the complimentary gold heart on your collar, helps bring everything together. As well, your neutral makeup, if you’re wearing any, is very flattering. =)
    I like the small tid-bits you spoke of about your country, since I know next to nothing about New Zealand. A fun addition.

    • Thank you so much! I’ll have to share more of NZ sometime soon. It’s been a while – I feel like I’m about due for a road trip ; ) x

  3. I’m sure you turned some heads- you look so pretty! Love the way you styled the gold skirt for daytime!


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