20th, March, 2012

Make Your Own! 

It’s no secret that I love cute shoes – and recently I’ve found myself particularly addicted to my latest DIY. I call them ‘galaxy shoes’. Why? Simple fact really; they are sparkly! I already have brogues sorted – so today I felt it was time to add a pair of Mary-Janes to my collection. The latest Orla Kiely collection has had me oogling over bar shoes, and I am still not over the Miu Miu glitter boots; so these shoes truly are the perfect hybrid! It is such an easy tutorial; do try it yourself – the results are so very worth it!


This is what I used for this easy-peasy DIY! A large brush, glitter (I used a multicoloured mix), newspaper (to protect the surroundings!), Mod Podge paste, a jar/mixing container, and a pair of shoes. For the galaxy effect, I like to use black footwear – they create much more of an outer space effect.

Fairy Dust!

Ohh, I love this part! Put a sizeable amount of Mod Podge into your jar. Sprinkle lots (and lots!) of glitter on top of it. Make sure you have newspaper laid out – this is the part which always seems to go messily! Stir the glitter into the mix so it is nice and even.

Lucky Last!

Paint your shoes! Don’t worry if the shoe looks dangerously white – it’s meant to look that way, I promise! When I did my latest pair; I was distinctly nervous when I saw how visible the Mod Podge was! Not to worry; when dry, it becomes completely transparent – with a glossy sheen too. If you are glittering brogues, or shoes with details, be sure to use masking tape to protect the areas you want to leave glitter-free. When you’ve finished painting your shoes, leave them to dry. After they have dried, you can decide whether you’d like to keep them looking transparent, or whether you want to add another layer – so they’re extra sparkly! Good luck!

34 Comments on “Galaxy Shoes: A Tutorial”

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Now I just need shoes I can do this with and some glitter! And it’s so easy!
    Also, I tried your lipstick tutorial today. It was fantastic! Made a difference for sure. Thank you!!

  2. Such a cool idea! I’ve been wanting to customise shoes myself for ages now, might do this to a pair :) fun tutorial!

  3. this is just the cutest idea! i am actually seriously tempted, i’ve got some shoes i could use and mod podge, i just need to get some glitter!

  4. Love this, I wish I could do it! I wonder what Mod Podge is around my part of the world though, as I’ve never seen that before. 😀

  5. I tried this with my daughters ballerina style flats but there is cracks where her foot bends. Have you noticed that problem or have an idea on how to address it?



  6. I have just finished trying this out on an old pair of black flats, and I am so pleased! My shoes have a new lease of life. Thanks for a great tutorial :)


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