12th, November, 2013


First up: oh my gosh, my shoes have great big hearts on them!! Okay, so wearing your heart on your sleeve means that you can’t hide your love for someone.. What do you suppose wearing hearts on your toes possibly means? I’m showing my true feelings about pedicures? Hm.. who knows! Good thing that having an actual reason for wearing silly(ish) clothing isn’t mandatory, eh! Anyway, the Mel pumps are from Surfdome and there are more similar here.

I’ve been having massive cravings for parks lately. Yes, parks. After spending the last seven years in Christchurch – known in New Zealand as ‘the garden city’ – every now and then all I want to do is just hang around with a bunch of trees. Yep. Luckily there is this teeny tiny little patch of grass, trees, and path hidden away behind a carpark near my home. Phew, I can breathe easy again! ; )

ShoesSurfdome / Dress & Ring – Doubledutch Boutique / Clutch – Pepa Loves


19 Comments on “From the Tips of my Toes”

  1. you have magical lipstick skills, perfect color, perfect shape!
    I love the dog clutch, so very cute.
    And I am totally with you on the ‘hanging out with trees’ front, I’ve been living in Switzerland where everything is green hills and snowy mountains, now I live in a big grey German city and I just want to spend all of my time in the woods.
    Looks like you’ve found a nice spot though!

    xo Lisa

  2. ahhhhh I LOVE this outfit! Your shoes and bag are so lovely :) and I totally love your hair :)
    I’m a new follower, so glad I found your blog

    Maxine xxx


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