6th, June, 2013


I’m not silly – I can admit that my chest is way too ample for this Lazy Oaf bustier. Doesn’t stop me lovin’ it though..!


This skirt combines two of my favourite things: polka dots and yellow. Yippee!


In Ukraine there is the most incredible overgrown tunnel which you can train through. I can barely believe this exists. It is beyond beautiful. P.s. Lovers are meant to make a wish when going through. How magical!


The perfect way to deal with leaky pipes, don’t you think?


Just keep swimming!


Cute notebooks win me over every time. One featuring a kitty cat face? Yes please!


Oh my gosh, these crochet animals are so teeny tiny! I’m impressed!


I’m getting ready to decorate out not-so-new-now apartment. First stop: this fire escape wall shelf. Love!


I really love this photo! P.s. Did anyone else recognise Analeigh from America’s Next Top Model? She was my favourite!

16 Comments on “Friday Favourites #5”

  1. Such cute pics! Analeigh was on that zombie movie, Warm Bodies recently! It was really cute.


    • Oh, I had no idea! I spotted her in the Green Hornet when I saw it a few weeks ago – I was so excited! xo

  2. I love that skirt and the tiny fox is so cute! I really want to visit the overgrown tunnel, it’s beautiful.

  3. I really dig posts like these; showing eclectic things that have really amused you or stuck in your mind!

    The overgrown train line looks like something out of Lord of the Rings – I love it! Also the kitty cat notebook and spotty skirt have definitely been added to my bookmarks :)

  4. So many cool pictures I don’t even know where to start, BUT that amazing train journey caught my eye… wonder if I should put Ukraine on the places to visit list.
    And that skirt is so beautiful, screams summer altogether!

  5. ah, i’ve had my eye on that lazy oaf bustier for a wee while now, it’s so cute! and i love the overgrown tunnel – how amazing is that! xx

  6. Everything’s so adorable! That tunnel is amazing – my mom would love it… she loves trains haha! x


  7. I love all of your picks Jo! Especially the cushion and the Wall shelf! I love that photo too, I keep seeing her in films now!

    Emma x

  8. that tunnel looks amazing! oh, the treasures of eastern europe!

    i’ve been spotting a lot of incredibly tiny crochet animals, they’re so cute and fascinating!

    creative shelves are a must!(especially if they have pretty plants on them)

  9. Oh I’m with you on that top. It would not be a good idea for my chest but I love it all the same.

    I can’t believe I didn’t recognise Analeigh from ANTM?! Immediately recognised her from Crazy, Stupid, Love though. xx


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