23rd, May, 2013

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These food sculptures by Brock Davis are seriously incredible!


Some genius has combined two of my favourite things: cats and sushi, to create… cats on sushi! No, seriously, how cute is this!


Gatsby fever is everywhere! Sadly, in New Zealand we have to wait until mid-June for it to be released. Sob! It doesn’t stop me falling in love with this Great Gatsby tote bag though!


This book teaches you how to make dessert – fine art style! Want!


A ferret yawning is quite probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day! Just look at that lil’ whiskery face.. Aw!


I really love this simple floral wallet by 10 Deep! Aint it pretty?


The Wisteria Tunnel at Kawaachi Fuji Gardens truly looks like the most beautiful place on earth, don’t you think?


This jacket by Modcloth has the best detail. Let’s be honest – it’s purr-fect!

16 Comments on “Friday Favourites #3”


    Lol, what a great roundup of random and unique things! I’m totally going to try to cut my cucumbers in a dolphin shape, lol!

    BTw, great blog! Would you like to follow each other?


  2. Love these little snippets! I showed the sushi cats to my friends the other day, some of them understood, some of them thought I was seriously crazy haha! xx

  3. Aah, those are the cutest favorites ever!

    I actually knew about the cat sushi and Wisteria Tunnel (♡) before, but it was nice to see them again, modern art dessert book seems incredibly amazing too.

  4. Ah my god there amazing! The broccoli tree is fab! Thank you for your comment lovely, look forward to seeing your headband styled! x

  5. That little broccoli house is so perfect! Going to check out the artist – always love seeing something new and different :) loving the Gatsby bag too, and I so want a Mondrian cake! xx

  6. Ahhhh! I just bought that Gatsby tote.

    The wisteria tunnel looks like dream. There’s a lot of beautiful wisteria in bloom here on the side of the highway – you can only catch fleeting glimses of it, though.


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