3rd, May, 2013


How gorgeous is this photo shoot of Tina Yi in the January 2013 issue of Vogue China! Can anyone point me in the general direction of a rainbow flower field, please?


Err, bicycle taxidermy. Need I say more?


Never before have I wanted a dress so badly in my life! Skeleton print and glow-in-the-dark? Yes yes yes! I am so sad that this has sold out. I will be anxiously refreshing the page until it’s back in stock! 


Barnaby thought these were a bit creepy – but I fell in love with each and every one of these painted buildings! (He’s probably just worried that I’d do it to our future house… which I totally would!) Which one is your favourite?


I swear it is impossible to feel glum when you’re wearing heart print! I wore this dress a couple of days ago when I was going to a big meeting. I was super nervous!


Not that it’ll happen anytime soon, but I am severely lusting over a classic quilted Chanel designer handbag – like this one from Cruise Fashion. I wish!


These Hello Sunshine flats are some of the sweetest shoes I’ve ever seen! Luckily, they just so happen to be on their way to my mailbox..! ; )


Carey Mulligan’s spread for Harper’s Bazaar is seriously gorgeous! I love Carey. She seems like such a sweet person!


A speaker picnic blanket sounds like the best thing in the world. Now, if only New Zealand wasn’t going into winter! Oh well, even more reason to be excited for  spring, I suppose!


13 Comments on “Friday Favourites #1”

  1. These are all so great. I love that you bought the Hello Sunshine shoes, they are adorable and oh so happy! Also, that heart print dress=perfect!

    xo Chelsea

  2. Oh I’m absolutely in love with those yellow loafers! I don’t know much about Carey Mulligan (other than that she has great style, lol), but that coat she’s wearing is beautiful.

  3. I loved Carey’s editorial! I totally think she’d be nice to hang out with. And omg, that picnic blanket? Completely amazing.

  4. I love this post! Feel tempted to add those eerie buildings to my Sunday Best list actually. Carey Mulligan is so talented and adorable! The collared glowy skeleton dress is to die for!! And oh, that photoshoot…! <3 I wouldn't say no to a Chanel bag, but prefer the 5.55 :) xx

  5. That heart dress is super duper cute! Where did you get it??

    • It’s from Krisp clothing : ) Don’t worry – I’ll be posting about it sooooon! xo


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