21st, February, 2012

My Top Three Sunglasses!

Here’s something slightly different! Today, I wanted to show you some of my sunglasses collection! It is ever-growing, and my sunglasses are always strewn throughout the house – with me occasionally sitting on and breaking them; whoops! Pair one and two are both sneaky ASOS purchases, and pair three were courtesy of Sunglasses Shop. My favourite shapes are cat eye and round, though I am also partial to classic Wayfarers. I love feeling like someone else depending on my eyewear; sometimes it’s a 1960s bombshell, other times a mad scientist (I bet you can guess which pair is which!)

29 Comments on “Four Eyes”

  1. Ever since I got contacts, I’ve been obsessed with sunglasses. My favourite shape is definitely cats eye. I’m desperately searching for a white Vogue pair that I fell in love with over the summer. Couldn’t afford them at the time and now, of course, they’re not stocked. Sad times!



  2. Love the feline shades in the first pics. The second one is incredibly funny looking. Love the shade of lipstick on you.

  3. I love sunglasses so much! They’re all brill, think the first pair are my favourite though!


  4. rebelrousher

    Loving all these sunglasses especially the second pair!!


  5. Dude what awesome sunnies! The mad scientist ones are amazing, very risque but they suit you.
    I also like to use sunglasses to secretly spy on everyone around me. I feel impenetrable with them on.

  6. I love the last pair of sunglasses. Can you believe that I don’t have any sunglasses…I need to find a pair in some flea market ’cause spring is coming!

  7. Love the round ones! I’m pondering getting totally round perscription glasses – I know they’re totally not in right now, but I don’t care. :) Problem is, that makes them really hard to find!

  8. i absolutely love those round ASOS ones! i contemplated buying a pair- i think they might be the exact same ones- but i’m not sure if my face shape is right from them.


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