11th, February, 2012

Silver & Blue!

I periodically wear my pale blue vintage dress; especially during the end of Summer, when the weather begins to turn. I’m all about the matching colours recently, so couldn’t resist putting on my pale blue beret! I am so drawn to silver lately, and thus have found my new favourite colour combination – of course, finishing the look with a swipe of red lipstick. We spent our morning on weird adventures; visiting mysterious garages in search of computer parts. I love escaping the city though, so it was lovely to go on an extended drive. I wore Silver and Brogue flats courtesy of Modcloth, and the bag was a gift from my Mum. It has a really bizarre opening, and makes me feel like a true 1920s girl visiting the opera or other fancy shindigs! The dress and beret are both vintage.

After removing my lipstick so I could eat a sandwich lunch stain-free (!) I happened to stumble upon a beautiful dandelion. Barnaby managed to capture the shot so perfectly, but I do wish I had been wearing my scarlet lips – drat! I did remember to make a wish though, so here’s hoping it comes true! P.s. Lastly, I also wanted to mention that our recent sidebar sponsor Dame Jolie is offering a 10% discount to Lost in the Haze readers with the discount code LITH10!

42 Comments on “Forget-Me-Not”

  1. You look gorgeous, love the matching beret and dress :) Also the lipstick.. and of course the touch of silver on those brogues! xx

  2. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous! I love the color combination. Pastels and whites look so good on you, especially with a dark red lip. I love your brogues by the way, classic shoe in such a unique style. :]

  3. Gorgeous! That color looks so lovely on you :) That second image is amazing!


  4. Hey sweetie you are looking fabulous in that outfit :)
    I’m loving your cutie and soft style.

    Have a pretty day.
    See you.

  5. I love this! Your dress is gorgeous, I am loving anything midi-length at the minute. Your accessories are absolutely perfect too!


  6. Thank you for your sweet comment on our site! You have an awesome blog as well. We were looking through your recent posts and you have amazing pictures. Loving the last photo in this post in particular! Beautiful bag.

  7. I love your dress, I’m a big fan of blue in pretty much all it’s forms (except frostbite) and love the pastel/ light blue shades the most. Your beret makes a fab combination


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