12th, September, 2012

The Best Accessory There is! 

There is just something about flower crowns – they are so enchanting. I spent my morning constructing this beauty from flowers in my garden. I love it how something so simple, like these camellias and dandelions, can look so beautiful in a different form.

When I was little, I decided that I wanted to create my own little flower garden. I had my own four miniature pots, and I remember spending an entire weekend preparing them for my soon-to-be ‘garden’. Oh, the only thing? I planted garden weeds! I loved their pretty flowers, and couldn’t quite understand why no one else found them as beautiful! Needless to say, we went on holiday one day, and friends who were house-sitting threw away my plants and replaced them with ‘real’ flowers. Maybe that’s what has caused my lack of gardening skills! Not to worry, now I have my own garden to take over! And so I present my fresh flower crown. I think my favourite part is the floral scent that is left lingering in my hair. Wonderful!

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  1. This is such a gorgeous post, I always try to make a flower crown on Midsummer’s Eve to celebrate the solstice, but this is a lot more impressive!

    capturingcastles.blogspot.com x


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