31st, October, 2011

In Search of a Flower

Over the weekend, Mum arrived home from her jungle walk to share that she had found an incredible flower. As she was photographically unarmed, we decided to revisit the track with her (a camera in hand, of course!) It was a ten minute trek into the jungle, and it was truly worth it! The fuzzy flowers had sadly dropped from the plant, but remaining were the beautiful pink vines, and one last bud, which was yet to blossom. To keep with the floral theme, I wore a vintage bow blouse, with a poppy-esque print. I paired it with my favourite shorts; a camel pair with floral detail, found in the children’s section of a vintage store – always my favourite place to look!

23 Comments on “Floral Blouses & Flower Hunting”

  1. very simple and adorable outfit, love the jungle shots. I like the floral print on the shorts, very vintage chic. The sandals are lovely too.


  2. My goodness these photos are lovely. I’d do just about anything to be able to step into that scenery.

  3. Whoaaaa so cool jungle walk! 😀 It’s amazing that you can find such beautiful plants… I wish I have some company to jungle walk :p

    These are great shots btw! :)

  4. Oh my gosh! How amazing that you can simply stroll in to the jungle like that! That’s amazing, we just have cold woods.. Jo your blouse is beautiful, the kind of rare print that looks good from afar! :) what a lovely adventure and gorgeous photos x


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