8th, May, 2012

& All Day Long You’ll Have Good Luck! 

If I ever find a stray coin during my daily hustle and bustle, I always think that phrase – and often say it aloud too! I’m not particularly superstitious – black cats are usually lucky for me, and I deliberately step on cracks on the footpath –  but something about the old coin saying has always stuck with me. Perhaps it’s time that I become a believer, as after I found a twenty cent piece this afternoon, things started looking up. A successful vintage jaunt, followed by a fleeting cafe visit, where we bumped into a friend we haven’t seen in years, made for a great start. The biggest highlight of the day was that I bought a net book! My laptop exploded a few months ago, so it is wonderful to finally feel connected again. Best of all, it is teeny tiny; so very perfect for carting around!

This week we have been petsitting three wonderful terriers, one Shih Tzu, a horse, and a very woolly sheep. Of course this means lots (upon lots!) of cute Instagram updates, so be sure to follow along – my username is l0stinthehaze. On today’s park visit (the first in weeks!) I wore a Pepa Loves dress paired with t-bar flats by bait footwear. The faux fur jacket is a favourite new vintage find; I feel like a life size teddy bear when I wear it!

27 Comments on “Find A Penny, Pick It Up..”

  1. I LOVE that dress!!!! Want to have it ^_^
    I making Vintage love mondays on my blog, maybe you like to visit.
    the last monday I had a red dress from the 50s, but yours is such a gorgeous dress!!!! feld in love…

  2. That dress!!! So feminine and gorgeous!
    Lovely pretty lady :)


  3. Discovered your blog and I’m in love! your bold lipstick pairs so nicely with the neutrals in your outfit :)

  4. Such lovely photos Jo! The dress is so cute with the little bow at the top, and I love all the autumn leaves around you.

    Ahh, is it weird that I’ve always wanted sheep haha? What an amazing experience to get to look after so many amazing animals. Have a lovely week! :)

  5. Reilly great pictures you have here! What camera do you have/who takes the pics? And I looove your hair <3 (sorry for my bad English?)


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