9th, August, 2012

Some of my Favourite Photos by my Fella! 

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now (!) but Barnaby is a really, really amazing photographer. It’s awfully easy to underestimate how good you really have it, which is why I wanted to share these photographs with you. This is some of the model test work and other shoots we’ve done in the past with models (plus one extra photograph of yours truly!) It’s always great being able to team up for photographs; his work is simply incredible!

21 Comments on “Fashion Photography”

  1. He is incredible! Lovely, lovely photos. Anyone would be lucky to have that kind of photography skill around!! The one of you is beautiful!


  2. Beautiful photography! I love them all, really. It’s only my first visit, so I don’t know who Barnaby is, but what talent! Beautiful styling, too. Well done.


  3. These are indeed absolutely stunning photos – and you’re so lucky that your fella is a photographer… definitley makes blogging a whole lot easier too. 😉 Lastly, thanks so much for your health well wishes Jo, you’re such a sweetheart!! xo

  4. Morgan Brooks

    FAB inspiration love! Gorgeous photos. Just found your blog and I am so happy i did, not only are you gorgeous but you have wonderful taste too! Such a fan. Now following!
    It would mean so much if you could check out my latest post!

  5. That second Indiana Jones goes Boy Scout shot is incredible. Photographers are so talented – it seems hard enough technically to be good, but the really talented ones have a great eye for lighting, composition and absolutely everything else to boot. Thank god I’m sticking to styling/illustration 😛



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