5th, October, 2011

The Mermaid Braid

Fear not! Fishtail braids may look slightly tricky, but in reality they are a five minute hairstyle. All you need is a hair tie, and your own nimble fingers! Begin by tying your hair into a loose side ponytail. Fasten with a hair tie, and then split your hair into two parts. Select a small amount of hair from each side, and criss-cross them over one another. Repeat this for all of your hair, and you will end up with the prettiest fishtail braid! Remember to try and use similar sized bits of hair; this way your braid will be more even! I love to finish off the look with a side part, and usually fasten my fringe in place with a bobby pin.

17 Comments on “Fashion A Fishtail: A Video Tutorial”

  1. yay! finally a post that explains this in a way I can understand. i finished watching your video tutorial and had my first successful attempt at a fishtail so thank you for that! :)

  2. So good! I had no idea they were so easy, thank you! My hair has only recently started getting to a reasonable length and i have been on the lookout for interesting things to do with it :)

  3. This looks so gorgeous on you! my hair is ridiculously long now, and very thick (so this may not work) but i’m always looking for other things to do with it so thank you xXx
    p.s. your blog and outfits are lovely!


  4. I love your beautiful locks. Thanks for doing this tutorial and for dropping by my blog. If I ever learn how to fishtail my hair it will be nothing short of a miracle. I will let you know. Your have a unique look and beautiful skin. I love the saturday floral…just lovely. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo


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