8th, January, 2018


Oh hi! I kind of genuinely can’t believe how much travelling I’ve done in the last year.. Seriously, since I left New Zealand I’ve been to (what I would consider) a whole bunch of places – Laos, The Netherlands, and all over Thailand. In NZ I went overseas roughly every two years (if that!) so I’m pretty darn proud of myself.

Which brings me to my latest.

Hi, from Las Vegas!

It’s been my third time visiting and since it’s one of my favourite places ever, I’m stoked! This time, for the first time ever, we finally made it out to the fabulous sign. And although it may look sunny, let me a assure you, it totally wasn’t! Or at least, coming from Thailand it wasn’t! 10 degree highs are totally not gonna cut the mustard – or anything else for that matter! This lady needs a solid 20… at least.

I didn’t take many pictures this trip at all. I had high hopes for a YouTube video too – but didn’t even get to that. But you know what? I just focused on being in the moment and having fun. And that worked well. We went vintage shopping, ate a whole lot of Mexican food, and did a bunch of shopping. It was good. We also went to my favourite place.. ever! I can’t wait to show you more in my next post!

Dress – H&M in Thailand / Shoes – Converse / Leather Jacket – Muubaa / Tights – Forever 21


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