23rd, October, 2014


Dress / Jacket / Socks / Shoes / Satchel

So, here’s some exciting news! I was recently contacted by my favourite website ever (Modcloth!) to create an Autumn inspired outfit. As most of my blog readers are based in America I figured that hey, this actually makes sense, let’s do it. After all, who else finds it really weird that we are  experiencing completely opposite seasons right now? Crazy!

I felt like this would be the perfect outfit for walking through leaves – the extra crunchy ones of course – and holding hands on a long walk through a tree-lined park. And in everybody’s favourite hour (the golden kind, duh!) settling down for a mulled cider, all wrapped up in a cute cardigan – I’m thinking this fox print number. Gosh, I love you spring, but Autumn you sure are my favourite!

7 Comments on “Dream Outfits: Fall Fashion”

  1. I am besotted with Autumn fashion. The warm colours remind me of the seasonal foliage in all its splendor. Ginger, rust, mustard… Such cosy picks :) Love mulled cider… and mulled wine! x

  2. That dress is sooo beautiful! I looove mustard colour everything this month. I also love those socks but as a tragically short person they’d never stay at the right height on me, nevertheless they’d look lovely on you I’m sure!

  3. I absolutely adore the colour palette of autumn fashion. There’s something so… “old-timey explorer”-y about it. Also, these socks are so darling. Shame knee-highs never stay on with me!

  4. Love your site, super cute! You’re adorable! I did a post similar to this as well!



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