8th, July, 2013


Mmm, bicycles, I really do love you. In all honesty, I am quite terrible at cycling. When I was a kid I fell (face first!) off the front of my bike going down a hill. I had been dared to ride with no hands and put my feet on the handlebars. Never one to resist a dare, I gave it my best.. the results weren’t quite so great! Years later, I’m still not the best at biking, but I love it still. I’m envisioning endless bicycle rides this summer, with pretty outfits to match. I honestly can’t wait! (Though I’ll keep my hands on the handlebars this time, I promise!)


1. Along for the Ride Dress / 2. Backyard Festival Headband / 3. Tread Delightfully Socks / 4. Siblings Flat in Middle Sis

Outfit One: Cycling to the beach

Maybe it’s just the ol’ baby blues, but this seems like the perfect outfit to wear for a cycling session to the beach. The flower crown is the ultimate touch of summer, and just the thing for finishing off the look. Plus, I am so so so in love with this dress. The hemline detail is the sweetest ever, and the bow is gorgeous!


1. Spoke and Word Dress / 2. To and Fro Tote / 3. Bike Knuckle Ring / 4. Have a Good Daydream Wedge in Red / 5. Through the Wire Headband in Red

Outfit Two: Picnic at the Park

Okay, first up, I am literally swooning over this bicycle tote bag. Just the perfect tool for carrying picnic goods, right? The reviews on Modcloth mostly seem to say that it is a whole lot more enormous than it appears. Fantastic. All the more room for sandwiches and treats! Nom nom. Oh, and I love the wire headband for keepin’ that windswept hair off the face.

6 Comments on “Dream Outfits: Besotted with Bicycles”

  1. You’ve put such sweet outfits together! When I was little and riding a bike, my brakes failed and seeing the curb at the end of the hill I was racing down, I just jumped ship! I slid halfway down the asphault road on my stomach. Ugh.


    • Oh my gosh – you poor thing! Honestly though, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has had a bicycle mishap ; ) I still get a little nervous when I bike ride nowadays – though I really love it! xo

  2. These are adorable, I especially love the second outfit, it looks so giddy and sweet. Loving how the wedge is just high enough to be perfectly able to bike with.

    I found my latest bicycle in the river next to my house and it’s a stunner!

  3. These outfits are both so pretty! I love bikes but haven’t had my own in years, it may be time to invest in one again and enjoy the summer on two wheels!
    Jodie xx


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