14th, April, 2013

There’s no denying it – dungarees are pretty great! I already announced on my Twitter that they are my favourite fashion comeback of the year. Hey, when you grew up in the 1990s, there is no way that you can’t love a good ol’ pair of overalls. Just be thankful that I haven’t gone the tie-dye and genie pant route! (No seriously, my camel print MC Hammer pants were my favourites growing up!) I do find it quite bizarre though – not even a year ago I wore a dungaree outfit, and received so many negative comments on how awful I looked and how disgusting dungarees wore… Last night I wore my Boohoo dungarees, and was asked three times about where I got them from. Fashion, you are a bit of a weirdo, you know that?

So when Boohoo asked me to style a piece for their #denimdaze campaign, I simply had to have these near-black denim dunagrees. A good choice? You know it! Living in a particularly windy city like Wellington means that having any clothing item that stops me being upskirted is a plus. No, scratch that, a massive plus! A plus so big you almost couldn’t believe it! I am so excited to style them in Winter too – paired with opaque black tights underneath. For today I styled my Boohoo dungarees with a striped sailor top from Modcloth and my favourite red clogs. Ahh, dungarees, I hope you stick around in fashion a lot longer this time!

DunagreesBoohoo / Sailor top – Modcloth / Clogs – Lotta From Stockholm / Fox ringBoticca

22 Comments on “Denim Daze”

  1. I adore the nautical theme to this outfit! It looks so perfect for the mid-season weather we’ve had in Britain recently :) The Swedish Hasbeen-type clogs look adorable! I wanna steal everything :) xx

  2. Overalls are totally awesome…and I too am a 90s kid, so whenever I wear things that I would’ve worn when I was little it makes me all giddy inside. haha. I love that you paired it with a cute nautical sweater!

  3. I love this nautical inspired look! I definitely had my share of overalls in the ’90s :) I like this spin on them much better!

  4. heather

    Overalls are definitely not my favourite fashion comeback. They just don’t flatter me at all. Not that I don’t think they can be cute though. You look quite awesome in them =) Pretty sure you look good in anything though!

  5. I want a pair of overalls for the summer! These look so cute on you! I especially love the striped top paired with them. Those red clogs are just wonderful too.


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