25th, August, 2012

Beehive Hair & Yellow Flowers  

Spring is well and truly on it’s way to say hello! I couldn’t be happier. I always adore winter at first – cold days, hot chocolates, the possibility of snow (!!) but after nonstop rain, moving onto the next season is extra exciting. Plus, it is always wonderful to see the flowers again. This morning, on what was an incredibly sunny day, we visited this daffodil field. It was honestly breathtaking! There were endless daffodils – absolutely everywhere we looked. It was the perfect way to be reintroduced to this beautiful season – spring; it’s certainly nice to meet you again!

I wore my hair in a messy beehive paired with a tent-like dotted dress. It’s quite an oversized shape – the ideal thing for keeping cool on such a warm day. My sunglasses (which are the purr-fect cats eye shape!) were courtesy of Modcloth. The sun is meant to be shining until at least next weekend – so I’ll be wearing these frames all week long I’m sure!

17 Comments on “Daffodil Daze”

  1. I love this outfit so much, you look gorgeous, the Modcloth sunnies really suit you! It’s so weird that Spring is just coming around for you, we’re just getting ready to say goodbye to the summer and make way for Autumn! The daffodils finished sprouting a long time ago over here in England!

    Pip x

  2. This dress is adorable! I’m so jealous that you have spring coming. Maybe I’ll just alternate between countries with each season so it’s always spring/summer!


  3. photos are amazing. and that dress is so cute!
    u really have amazing style! :)



  4. You look beautiful! I think spring is my most favourite season of the year.
    And how funny, I’m from Holland and the summer is almost ending here!

  5. So funny Jo, I was writing you this comment exactly when I received yours! *psychic connection*!
    Ohh it feels so strange to see that you’re transitioning to spring, while we are at the end of summer and almost ready to embrace autumn :) Well, I’m not ready yet, I need at least another hundred ice creams first!
    You look so darling in this dress, it is exactly the type of shape I’m enjoying the most right now!
    A big hug dear!

    • Ahh, what strange timing! ; ) I’ve actually read your blog post about three times, but only just commented it! I am so so so happy for you and Alf! x


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