1st, August, 2012

With Miniature Bears for Company! 

We started our day with the best kind of quest – one that ended with eating teddy bear cookies! My sweet tooth was feeing determined to say hello, and I just couldn’t resist! I wore this sweet little vintage dress – it only seemed fitting; it looks so much like a chocolate chip cookie, don’t you think! It’s actually due to be put in the store in our next update (sob!) but it is just so wonderful that I felt like it deserved a little adventure of it’s own. My tights were by ASOS, and I plaited my hair into my always-favourite, Heidi braids.

Speaking of the shop, I am really excited for the next update. As in really, really excited. I have had the best thrifting week ever – and I can’t wait to share! Barnaby has endured hours of me talking non-stop (in depth of course) about how I found each individual garment. I’ve been doing all sorts of clothing presentations – mostly just raving on about vintage collars and scalloped hemlines! Oh well, at least I find them interesting!

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  1. oooh I think I’m the first person to see this post! I just refreshed the page and here you are! Loving the first photo, and the collar on your dress.


  2. Your heidi braids, that dress and those adorable tstrap maryjanes could not make you more kistchy and adorable :) That shot of you with the tiny teddy is pretty much editorial material.


  3. Ohhh, this dress is wonderful! That big collar is just the best.

    Cute little cookies too; wish they made cute ones like that in a gluten free option. I have to have boring old ones if I fancy a biscuit! Boo.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jennie x
    Stitches On The Radio

  4. Such a gorgeous dress, and those mini teady bear cookies look so yummy, very jealous!

    Pip x

  5. You look adorable! I love that dress, and your hair is so sweet. The pic of the bear in your teeth is very cute. :)

    Lynn a.k.a. Dylan

  6. This dress is so pretty! I love the little polka dot collar :) And I love the teddy bear cookies!

  7. such a pretty dress, the collar is wonderful! and tiny teddies are the bestttt, the choc-backed ones are my favourite. :)

  8. Your hair is gorgeous as well as that amazing dress :)



  9. You are one cute cookie! (See what I did there?!!) and I can’t wait to see the new vintage finds!

    Maria xxx

  10. So adorable, that dotted collar is perfect! If we lived closer I would happily sit and chat with you about scalloped hemlines, my boyfriend has to endure my vintage talk too! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah


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