6th, March, 2015


Before heading out to dinner (burgers for the win!) we had an enormous attempt at stalking a stunning building that I had been eyeing up from our hotel. Picture ivy covered, picture old brick.. Gosh it was a beauty! And do you know what? We couldn’t find it!! Phones clutched in hand, staring at Google earth, we were sure there was no way we’d miss it.. But somehow it just wasn’t meant to be! So was a relief when we finally made our way onto this equally beautiful palm tree lined street. And it honestly felt like it was meant to be – as I was clad in my finest leopard print – making me feel like some sort of urban Jane-from-Tarzan (never a bad thing, let me tell you!)

DressQueen of Heartz / Shoes – Mel by Melissa / Bag – Jo Totes / Bee Ring – Stephen Einhorn



14 Comments on “Concrete Jungle”

  1. You are just the prettiest darn thing! My new life goal is to grow my hair super long so I can give myself a beehive, though it’ll probably look more like a birds nest…


  2. These photos are incredible! And I am in love with your dress. Everything is perfect!

    xx Carina

  3. This leopard print dress is so cool! I love the sheer panels at the top. You can’t go wrong with a good leopard print piece!


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