9th, October, 2013


Today I decided to style three different looks. Can you spot the similarities? All feature a collar, a different coloured lipstick, and the most noticeable of all – glasses!

After battling a bit of an eye infection I’ve been ordered to wear glasses only for the next two weeks. Are there any other contact lens wearers out there? It is a weird, weird transition to wearing glasses when you generally wear contacts all of the time. I was feeling a bit doom-and-gloom over having to wear glasses.. so I decided to style a few outfits to get myself inspired! Here are three looks I’ve dreamed up; all of them featuring coloured lips, collars, and no contacts at all!


Outfit One: Wednesday Addams

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Mac Lady bug / Pinafore – Boohoo / Blouse – Yumi /

Collar clips – Chicwish


Outfit Two: Bunny Girl

Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Karen Murrell in Carnation Mist / Blouse – Ark Clothing /

Sweater – Krisp Clothing


Outfit Three: Hands up!

 Glasses – Ray Ban RB5226 / Lipstick – Maybelline New York / DressPepa Loves

31 Comments on “Coloured lips, Collars, & Contact-Free”

  1. Those glasses are great! And the little cat clips on the first outfit… so perfect with the cat eye specs.

  2. These are great photos but might I suggest that next time you show the whole outfit? These seem more like portraits than outfit shots! x

  3. i’m the same as you- total contact lens wearer, and don’t like to wear glasses 24/7.

    BUT. your glasses look AMAZING on you. i love all these looks, especially the first one. rock those frames, girl!! xx

  4. Wow, yep, I wear contacts ALL the time, if I was condemned to glasses, I would be upset too! They give e a headache (I probably need better fitting glasses!) Love these outfits, they’re so cute :)

  5. I’m a contact lens wearer so I know what you mean when you say it feels to be forced to wear glasses all the time. i am loving that first outfit. so adorable!

    Emmett – Hippie Lace

  6. so so so cute! love the first look the best because those red lips look fab on you! and so do the glasses! I think you should rock them all of the time.


  7. You have the cutest clothing! I can’t get over how classic and interesting you look. The bunny jumper is quite lovely!

    Glasses really suit you. I’ve been wearing glasses for six months and I wish I could try another more intriguing style of frame but my overly complicated lenses make that impossible.

    The Karen Murell lipstick looks such a pretty colour.

    Sej || What Would Grace Kelly Say


    • I wish I had a zillion pairs of glasses too! Not that my lenses are overly complex, but glasses are just so darn pricey! Eep! xox

  8. You are adorable. Sorry you can only wear glasses. I don’t know too many contact lens wearers. Most people I know just deal with glasses. My husband wears glasses when he drives and watches movies and such for distance but he’s never purchased contacts. Hmmmm. Interesting. Your outfits are adorable!


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