3rd, March, 2013

How incredible is this shoot?! I mean, seriously, wow. I accidentally stumbled upon it as I was looking for Autumn outfit inspiration. Well, let’s just say I found it! The long trousers, matching two-piece suits, and 1960s style dresses have me swooning. Paired with coloured tights too? Uhh, yes. Just to make it the slightest bit more awe-inspiring – just look at the colour!

Entitled ‘The Fun House’ – this shoot is one of my favourite discoveries ever. Taken for Tank Magazine, it features a certain Miss Codie Young, an Australian model with quite possibly the best hair I’ve ever seen! When I was in my early teens I was obsessed with having red hair and dyed it constantly. Nowadays I’ve gone the blonde route, as opposed to my natural brunette locks, sob, but I’m now once again longing for flame coloured hair. Okay, new plan. Hair dye, brightly coloured wardrobe (starting with one of these bags!), and rooms lined with AstroTurf carpets. Yep, it’s all achievable – right? Right?!

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