20th, October, 2012

Are You Scared of Heights?! 

Whenever my fella, Barnaby and I visit anywhere on holiday, we have to do at least one touristy activity. It doesn’t matter if we’ve been somewhere a gazillion times – there must be something novelty to do! Last time we visited Auckland, we went on an enormous taxi ride to the local theme park. The visit before, we unsuccessfully attempted to visit my favourite childhood aquarium. When it didn’t work out, we used our visa to order room service – dessert included! This time, to save our pennies, we decided to take a trip up the Sky Tower – a massive structure right in the middle of the city. The actual building is 328 metres tall, and is the tallest free standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere.

Now, don’t let my calm expression fool you – I am petrified of heights! When we exited the elevator I could barely even look out of the window. I credit the glass floor for getting me in such a state! It took about twenty minutes to calm down and stop sweating, but almost instantly I fell completely in love with the views. I was even able to scurry across the glass floor panelling – did I mention that it was 186 metres off the ground?! Despite the reassurance of the thickness of the glass, it was terrifying! Just as I was feeling extra brave, there was movement in front of the window. The tower is used for bungee jumping, and luckily for us, a woman took her jump right as we watched! It looked like a truly amazing experience – but just watching was quite enough for me!

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  1. Wow. The bungee photo is really surreal!
    I really struggle with heights – but only in buildings. I think it’s the fear of not being able to get out as much as the drop.

    Love the top pic with the binoculars especially.

    • Oh gosh, I know the feeling! I am completely fine with doing the giant drop at theme parks (Barnaby, not so much..!) But giant buildings are terrifying! x

  2. Your playsuit is adorable. But I know exactly what you mean about those glass floors – no sign will ever convince me they are safe!

  3. You look gorgeous with your hair like that and that romper suits you great!!

    I’m not afraid of heights, I’m actually attracted to them, I’d love to bungee jump one day!

  4. You are super adorable! I love your playsuit!

    I am terrified of heights. I would not be able to walk across the glass floor!


  5. Fantastic playsuit! You remind me if a little anime girl abd I just want to drink tea with you :) really fab look
    My family never do tourist activities away I’m jealous!

  6. You look beautiful! I love your little playsuit.
    And I’ve been up in the Sky Tower once before – the glass floor in the elevator IS terrifying, isn’t it?!
    It’s so worth it once you get up there though 😉 Glad you had fun!

    • It sure is!! Hope you’ve enjoyed your big move over to NZ! I can’t wait to read all about it on your blog! : ) x

  7. Wow! I’m terrified of heights too! I know how you felt. I have visited high places like the Tour Eiffel or the Empire State because I want to live the experience but it takes sometime for me to get calm! Bungee jumping woman was so brave, I think looking would be more than enough for me too! Lovely romper again, I like this one even more!

  8. Gosh, that brings back memories, I used to work down the road from the Sky Tower when I lived in Auckland, but I never managed to make it up to the top – you’re far braver than me!


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